Natasha Walter

Natasha Walter, AuthorNatasha Walter is a writer, broadcaster and campaigner. 

She is the author of Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism and The New Feminism. She is also the founder of Women for Refugee Women.

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LIVING DOLLS: The Return of Sexism
“Natasha Walter's gripping new book, Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism... does a wonderful job of bringing into sharp focus a sea change that's been creeping up on us over the past decade” Amy Jenkins, The Independent

"A call to revolution that kicks Nuts magazine right in the nuts," Bidisha, The New Statesman

Praise for Natasha Walter’s The New Feminism (1998):
'Here's feminism as phoenix, and as blazing torch lighting the way to a new century' Michele Roberts, Independent on Sunday